Awake, Arise and SHINE!

Breakfast. That first meal of the day that kick starts your metabolism. If you don’t have it, by 10am you are reaching for the biscuit jar and the cookie demolisher within you has been unleashed. Your body that has been starved up until that jar has presented itself with its delicious, sugary, fast eaten contents inside, is now excited to have something to store as fat for future starvation events.

In my life I have had it said to me numerous times, “You eat like a horse compared to me, how comes you aren’t fat? It’s not fair.” The answer is I eat regularly. When I don’t, I too put on weight. I have also had said to me “I don’t know how you still have so much energy!” And the answer to that is that I am eating vegetables every day of various different colours. As soon as I leave the veg off of my plate and opt for processed food, I feel sluggish and irritable.

As soon as I started to really take care of what food I was consuming, my anxieties lifted. The way I handled stressful situations became easier.

I’ve almost always had breakfast. But until now, never put much thought into it other than to grab a bowl, pour my frosted flakes in and cover with milk. Sugar on every one of those flakes! Tut tut to me!

Now I grab porridge for a slow release of energy. But I don’t stop there. Pumpkin seeds are good for ridding parasites that you may not even know you have and help lower cholesterol. Chia seeds are high in protein. Flax seeds are loaded with nutrients. These all have lots of fibre which will help combat IBS symptoms and healthy fats that’ll keep your heart healthy and your brain sharp. I also hide a little cacao in there for all of its benefits. Only a little though as it is quite crunchy and bitter.

I also opt for Almond milk. Many of us are lactose intolerant where we are not biologically designed to consume milk into adulthood, especially that of another species. Almond milk is the next best thing for calcium and nutrients. Go for the healthier sugar free option and sweeten up your breakfast with real honey. A spoonful a day can help shed weight, alleviate allergies, boost memory, is good for your skin and has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Enjoy your food! It maybe boring next to that chocolate cake. But the results of living healthier far outweigh the taste of too much cake.


Vits For Tits

When I wake up, I’m groggy and gagging for that coffee. If my toddler hasn’t woke me up at least twice in the night, which is a rarity, the cats have.

Experience has taught me not to go for that coffee first thing unless I have lots of time to spend on the toilet and more embarrassingly on any other toilet I pass by during the day.

Nowadays I opt for a fruit tea. Either bought or foraged ingredients, depending on if I’m penny pinching or indulging at the time.

I enjoy foraging, but I am no expert. I leave those shrooms alone and go for what I’m familiar with such as Rosehips, sloes, apples, dandelions etc. I take my daughters with me and they often just stand about looking bored. So I then reassure them that they are some of the few that have a chance of feeding themselves during a zombie apocalypse once the stores have been cleaned of canned goods.

Rose hips are a fantastic source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is good for firming and enlarging breasts. My dehydrated, crumpled shopping bag titties that fed 3 children, have returned to bouncy and full of life fun bags, which has done wonders for my confidence. TMI! I know, but my daughter is reading this and I’m not mumming properly if I don’t embarrass her once in a while.

Rose hip tea is the one I try to have most. Vitamin C isn’t stored by the body, so we should try to get some in our diet every day. The seeds are not good for stomach lining, so just cut the ends off each hip then steep the hips in your cup of boiled water for ten minutes and give them a little stir before lifting them out so you get nothing but the juicy bits.

That’s it! Next I’ll be blogging about breakfast and hopefully kick starting some healthy appetites.

The road to being happier.

I’m a mum of three and one is a toddler. Somehow I just knew I was going to have a boy the moment I fell pregnant with this last child who is now three. He is messy, challenging and just unbelievably exhausting.

I found myself downing coffee after coffee and replacing meals with quick fix chocolate bars in a bid to keep up. Before long I was waking up with a headache that lingered and a tiredness I couldn’t shift with sleep.

I’ve decided It’s time for action! Time for a change. Time to put me first occasionally and find a way of getting through the days enjoyably and easily.

I began making changes a few weeks ago and instantly felt the difference. I think my children and partner did too.

So here I am, hoping other exhausted coffee swigging parents will tag along and feel the benefits too. Sharing is caring after all.